Corporate/Commercial Legal Services

Koci & Vokshi has a well established reputation for dealing with a huge variety of corporate legal concerns. 
Whatever the size and nature of your business, and whether you are a sole trader, limited company, multi-national or partnership, we can advise you on the company and commercial aspects of establishing and developing your business.

We regularly advise on general company law matters and legal issues that affect the day-to-day operation of a company. We provide support to our clients’ in-house legal teams and are experts on range of issues such as corporate governance and compliance.

Setting up a company and choosing the legal form: Koci & Vokshi lawyers will accompany you through all the stages of setting up a company – in particular choosing the legal form, contract structuring and complying with all necessary formalities. The different legal forms of companies in in Kosovo are complex and competent legal advice is always needed.

Existing companies: If you have already established a company, are already a partner or are considering expanding or joining an existing company, we will explain your legal obligations and requirements.

We can advise you on liability issues and attend your Board of Directors or shareholder meetings. When it is necessary to restructure the company, you can fully rely on the expertise of our lawyers in terms of the transformation law.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance requires not just a knowledge of company law but also an understanding of a company’s business objectives and of the interests of its shareholders, managers, and employees.

We take proud on our expertise one advising on all questions concerning internal company structures, corporate duties, relationships and division of responsibilities between the boards, and the drafting of rules of procedure.

We help clients in the process of adoption of statutes, rulebooks, auditing compliance, and responding to civil, administrative or criminal actions.